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The Conar Metamorfosi is recognised as one of the worlds finest reserve parachutes. It's back and now built by Moyes.

Tested and deployed in free fall by skydivers, the Conar Metamorfosi is one of the safest emergency parachutes ever built. So unique in its design, it has its own patent.

The Conar was invented by aviation enthusiast Angelo Crapanzano, of Metamorfosi, Italy in 1999. It was and still is an innovative pull down apex design of high quality, reliability and security, chosen by many of the worlds top pilots for their own security.

Moyes have now obtained the manufacturing rights to produce the Conar and to cater for the high demand of this superior reserve parachute. The same stringent testing and superior manufacturing will be provided by Moyes.

The quality of the Conar reserve has been demonstrated by hundreds of openings and has an unsurpassed range of features. Made from premium quality, lightweight materials, it has a unique fabric cone located in the vent which allows the parachute to open quickly; this is critical at low altitudes, helps reduce sink rate and improves stability.

When the unexpected happens, you want the VERY BEST RESERVE, and you want it to work.

Choose Conar by Moyes - The Best form of insurance you can get

Currently available in 3 sizes



Gores [n°]

Weight [kg]


Conar HG16




Conar HG18




Conar HG20